Kelly Clarkson's Fame Turns 10

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A little over ten years ago, Kelly Clarkson was crowned American Idol's Season 1 victor. Most singers tend to fade away after they reach a decade of fame. Clarkson, however has made it a defining moment. The singers that do stay as relevant as Clarkson for as long she has, don't release a "Greatest Hits" album until they consider retiring from the show business. Again, Clarkson chooses to do otherwise.

A "Greatest Hits" album means that the songs you have recorded are the best you'll ever do, and there may be nothing better than them. But for Kelly Clarkson, it's just another album to release. In an interview done with MSN, she reveals that ever since winning the inaugural season of Idol, she's wanted to release this type of album, where the best songs are all in one place. This is by no means the end of her career, rather a milestone to be celebrated then move forward.

The record is comprised of seventeen of Clarkson's most notable songs, including the ballad Because of You and, more recent songs, such as Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You). Listening to every song is like sitting next to her, the emotion is real and passionate. Clarkson's heart and soul pours out in every single record, but none more so that Greatest Hits-Chapter One.

Although this album hasn't received the recognition it deserved, when the songs on the track first released, they were an instant hit. This album takes the listener back in time to when Clarkson first emerged into the music scene and wowed the world with her maturity and grace. GHCO (Greatest Hits-Chapter One) didn't break any sales records or peak on the Top Ten, but what it did do was remind music lovers how to connect to a song. Contemporary artists in this age are all about the money, not about the melody. Very rarely is the music business so lucky to find a gem like Kelly Clarkson.

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