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ENN is proud to introduce Acoustic Truth, a new duo.  Their very own Ryan Knott introduces the band below:

"As far as background goes, Sarah and I [Ryan] are two best friends from Chicago who began creating music together in the summer of 2011. After hitting it off as interns at Camp Star, a summer camp for children living with psychological disorders and learning disabilities, we kept in touch and routinely exchanged music.  Neither of us ever planned on doing music until the summer 2011 when we wrote our first song together, “A New Me”; it was then that we decided we wanted to bring back the heartfelt music that has been lost over the years. Our chemistry has allowed us to write a variety of songs.

Although we have a variety of unique sounding songs, we consider ourselves to be an acoustic/country pop, folk and blue-eyed-soul duo. We have been compared to popular bands and artists such as The Mama’s and Papa’s, Lady Antebellum, Jason Mraz and Colbie Caillat. Overall, we pride ourselves as being songwriters that aspire to inspire people through our music.

We have a new album called "Time" releasing on Feb 10th. We were also invited to meet the producers of Americas Got Talent which takes place at the end of January."

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