Review: Beyonce's SB Performance

At first, I was unsure whether Super Bowl XLVII would be Beyonce's biggest audience, or whether Beyonce would draw the SB's biggest crowd. She's agile, she has amazing vocals, is a great dancer and an overall amazing performer. With all the rumors about a Destiny's Child reunion, people didn't even think about what Bey could do.

Starting with Jay-Z's intro to Crazy In Love, Beyonce thundered, clearly singing live. I was expecting Jay to come on stage anytime to join her, but admittedly was a little disappointing when he didn't. Where there's Beyonce, there has to be Jay-Z, but the Super Bowl Halftime Show was all hers.

After what I called an awkward phase of her dancing with songs that did not properly highlight her career, the moment I had been waiting for came. Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams joined Bey in a Destiny's Child reunion, in what was an expected surprise. They stayed for about a song and a half, even singing Single Ladies. Not the song I would've chosen, considering Queen B is happily married, and it doesn't showcase the DC that was the super hit girl group of the 90s.

While the middle section of her performance exhibited Bey's amazing dance skills, flexibility and uncanny ability to do anything on stage, the beginning and end was pure vocal. Ending with one of the best performances of Halo I've ever seen, Beyonce shut down any critics that were still steaming over her lip-sync controversy.

Overall, Beyonce drew the biggest SB crowd ever, and it was evident in her beautiful vocals, her dance moves and her energy. She got the crowd involved, better than last year's Madonna could do. She was one of the best in SB history.
Rating: 4 stars.