Taylor Swift Announces New Album

Image credit to msn.com
On Tuesday, August 13th, Taylor Swift fans had a reason to celebrate. After two long years, the star has finally released new music. But was it worth the wait? On a live web chat, she premiered her new single "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together," which will be on her upcoming album, titled Red.

On the web cast, Swift spoke more about her new project. "I wrote a song called ‘Red,’thinking about what that means to me, and all the different emotions that are written about on this album, they’re all about crazy...semi-toxic relationships I’ve experience in the last two years. In my mind, all those emotions are ‘red.’ There’s nothing beige about any of those feelings. So I called the record Red.” She tells the audience.

Over the last two years, Swift has had few relationships. She was dating movie star Jake Gyllenhaal, and just recently has been dating Robert Kennedy's son, Connor. Joe Jonas (another ex to add to the list), says that Swift's latest single is not about him. The song is about her and a mystery man, and the rumors that swirled around their reconciliation. Jonas says that's not the case for them, as they never tried to get back together.

There is no confirmed date for the release of Red, but Swift has already revealed that there will be sixteen tracks on it. Fans eagerly await her announcement to drop more hits into her growing list.

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