Music Review: Adam Lambert, Karmin, Pitbull

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Adam Lambert finally has a new album out. He hasn't released one since his post-Idol debut, For Your Entertainment, in 2009. His new album, Trespassing, is much better. Lambert has narrowed down his vocals, and set the pace for what kind of music he is going to release in the future. While his first album was passable, his sophmore album hits the spot. With fourteen tracks, ranging from club beats to deep and meaningful songs, Adam Lambert has proven that he can do it all. While he certainly hasn't reached his full potential, Lambert has reached a turning point in his career. His beats range from dance and pop/rock to more of a slower song, one that his American Idol friend and winner [of Season 8, the year Lambert took second], Kris Allen wold sing. It looks like Lambert has finally found his footing in the music business and has a lot of success with his pop/rock tunes.
Rating:          4 stars

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Next up, YouTube sensation, Karmin. Like Sugarland before them, Karmin has amazing male-female vocals. In their first album since becoming famous by covering other artists, Karmin decides to show the business that they mean business. Complied of a mere seven tracks, Karmin has great versatility. Starting with a rap, moving into a pop, going back to rap, touching funk, going back to pop, Karmin can do it all. Their beats still sound like an amateur, but being that this is their first taste of "real" success, it's a building point. At one point, their vocals sound like a Jessie J/Katy Perry crossover, but in time, Karmin will be able to establish themselves as an amazing boy-girl duo.
Rating:          4 stars

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Latin rapper Pitbull is back with a new album. This one, titled Original Hits is made up of an astonishing eighteen songs. As usual, his songs have a dirty dance-y feel to them, songs made for a party. It has English and Spanish tracks, with seven of them featuring collaborations by people such as Lil Jon. So far, his album hasn't caught on yet. Pitbull's sound is repetitive and gets boring after a while. His first two albums are exactly like his third. Pitbull knows who he is as an artist, but seems afraid to explore anything but his own sound.
Rating:           2 stars

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