Music Review: Usher, Far East Movement

 Summer is always a big time for music lovers. Many artists release their albums during this time, for a few reasons. One reason is the time itself. Kids are out of school and chances are, they listen to music a lot over the summer. This, in turn, generates a lot of revenue for the artist and their label company. Keeping these facts in mind, it's no wonder that Usher and Far East Movement have released new albums at the beginning of June.

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This is the moment all Usher fans have been waiting for. After two very long years, Usher has finally released a new album. Looking 4 Myself is Usher's first full length album since Versus in 2010. Compiled of eighteen tracks, Looking 4 Myself explores a different side of Usher, unlike Confessions in 2004, or even Raymond vs. Raymond in 2010. The title track has the catchiest beat, and a few other tracks follow the same background beat. Usher doesn't use the same vocals in this as he has in older albums. In his previous releases, Usher has been down to earth and sang sweet, melodious tunes. In this, he adapts a pop sound and makes this album one of the most upbeat he's done.
Rating:                                           3.5 stars

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Far East Movemnt follows Usher's lead, and also haven't dropped a new album since 2010's Free Wired. Free Wired was the breakout album for F.E.M. with their hit single Like a G6. Their new release, Dirty Bass, picks up exactly where the last album left off. F.E.M. are a party group, and rightfully so. They know how to get the audience to enjoy themselves. Like their previous albums, Dirty Bass is a have-fun album with good beats and average vocals. Of course, there isn't a big range for party songs, so the group isn't able to sing a wide variety of songs. Featuring people like Justin Bieber, Pitbull, Tyga, and Flo Rida, the audience can figure out that this album will be another club hit. It's not for lazy afternoons in the summer, but rather channels the nightlife, when the party really starts.
Rating:                                            3 stars

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