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For the two years that they have been married, Prince William, duke of Cambridge and his lovely wife Duchess Kate have been dealing with pregnancy rumors. After so much speculation, the royal family can finally confirm that they, are in fact expecting a newborn child due in the middle of 2013.The news was confirmed by an official spokesperson for the royal family after the duchess was admitted into a hospital with severe symptoms.

The spokesperson confirms that the 30-year-old mom-to-be was admitted to a London hospital Monday with Hyperemesis Gravidarum, an acute form of morning sickness. Less than one percent of all expectant mothers feel this rare pain. Her Royal Highness was in the hospital for a few days, with Prince William visiting her for many hours everyday. Duchess Kate was released four days after being admitted into the hospital. She briefly spoke to the many reporters waiting outside the hospital, waiting anxiously for the expectant mother-to-be.

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Of course, there is much speculation on the baby's name and gender. If it is a girl, which many are assuming so, will it be named after William's late mother Diana? Probably not, although it may be her middle name. A likely first name is Elizabeth. Will she succeed William to the throne as new Queen? If it is a boy, Arthur or George are possibilities. Will's father, Prince Charles and William himself both have the middle name "Arthur".

The baby is sure to make headlines, as the world is already celebrating the announcement.

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