Bono richest Rocker Ever?

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Singer. Songwriter. Guitarist. Philanthropist. Father. Husband. U2. Rocker. Bono. Rich? Apparently. Of course, being the lead singer/songwriter of U2 would leave a man with an ample amount of money. So Bono did what not many other people were able to do with their money. He donated it. He became an activist in many causes, raising awareness, supporting charity projects. But Bono doesn't just support those in need. He helps out those with the best ideas.

In 2009, Bono invested in Facebook, spending ninety million dollars for 2.3% of Facebook's shares. Recently, when Facebook released it's IPO (sixteen billion dollars), Bono's shares rocketed.

People in the music business get paid a lot. Rappers, pop stars, even country stars. But rock stars, for some reason, don't seem to earn as much revenue as a pop star. Especially not if they donate much of their earnings to those who need it most.

Bono's new worth is over a billion dollars, which now puts hm on top the world's richest musicians, which was previously held by Paul McCartney of the Beatles. But for those who worry that Bono will turn selfish and go on a spending spree, that is not the case. As reported by Wonderwall on MSN, Bono is likely to give his Facebook earnings to various projects in Africa that he has helped in the past.

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