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Following the suit of his mentor, Usher, Justin Bieber has also release a new album, just at the start of summer.  Bieber's album has generated a lot of suspense, mainly by girls aging from twelve to sixteen. According to the iTunes Top Ten albums, this album was definitely worth all the hype. It's already climbed to the top of the charts in less than a week.

Titled Believe, Bieber's latest is compiled of seventeen tracks. He has collaborated with YMCMB rappers Drake and Nicki Minaj. Also featured are Big Sean, Ludacris (who was on his claim-to-fame track Baby) and Will Smith's son Jaden (who was also featured on his song Never Say Never).

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Unlike My World, or My World 2.0, Believe explores a new side of Bieber. Some critics say "New haircut, new sound." And they may be right. A few years ago, Bieber was known for his "high-pitched" voice that many of his haters called a girl's voice. His haters will have to find something enw to find wrong with him, because the old voice is gone. In this, Justin shows us his deeper, matured voice as well as some of his rapping skills.

Mike Posner co wrote some of his songs, and the beats are upbeat and catchy. If the Bieber haters must find something to critique, it's this: The falsetto is still there. While he does try to have deeper vocals, there's no mistaking his falsetto in many of the songs.

Rating:                      3.5 stars

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