American Idol Reviewed

As an avid American Idol fan, I didn't expect this season to be fantastic. AI has been spiraling downwards for three years now, and I was worried that this year would be the year it blew up. The auditions revolved around drama between the judges. Hollywood Week, things changed.

Reality TV was created so that people at home could get a glimpse of what it's like to rise to fame and be in the spotlight. If two superstars aren't able to take the focus off of their drama and give the spotlight back to the "real" people, then it's not Reality TV, it's an overpaid show. And the auditions were just that. Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj disagreed on almost everything, just for the sake of disagreeing. The show that released so many stars was starting to implode, unable to handle the star power behind a table that called themselves judges.
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Hollywood Week has long been mocked for the unnecessary tears and contestants' drama. But it was a much needed, refreshing change. And for once in almost three years, the aspiring hopefuls had a reason to cry. The X Factor equivalent would be Brittney Spears. Simon Cowell used to be Idol's bad guy, pointing out mistakes. Nicki Minaj, like Spears, was signed to hurt people, to break them. But, unlike during X Factor, Minaj was anything but boring.

I was doubtful. She was a relatively new rapper, harassed by people daily for saying she has no talent. But, in the first episode of Hollywood Week, she was fierce. She attacked, she made people cry, she was honest, brutal and rightfully so. For once since Simon Cowell, I saw a future for Idol and I saw them being the reigning number one singing competition.

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