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Yesterday, May 12th, was Game 7 of the first round playoffs for the Lakers and Nuggets. If the Nuggets one, they would be the ninth team in NBA history to win a playoff series after losing 3-1. But, even though they have made it to the playoffs nine years in a row the longest consecutive appearance in NBA history), they haven't made it past the first round eight of the nine times. Plus, the only time the Lakers have lost a Game 7 at home was in 1969.

Metta World Peace came back after his seven game suspension. The pressure was on Gasol and Bynum after they both played lousy Games 5 and 6.

Early on, the Lakers dominated. The first half was all Gasol and Blake. Kobe Bryant was not his usual basketball hog. He looked for the open shot and the open man. More often than not, he went for the open man. He had eight assists that game and a mere seventeen points. This is a huge decrease from the previous two games, in which he scored forty-three and thirty six points.
Defensively, the Lakers needed World Peace. And he was there to save them. He had only two blocks, but fifteen points and five rebounds. Not a stellar performance, but it was just what the Lakers needed to push past the pesky Nuggets. He had a lot of pressure on him, this was his first game back and it was pivotal for his team. Metta World Peace seemed rusty, but in the end, it was enough for the win. His real test would be against the Thunder on Monday.

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On Monday, the Lakers will start a best-of-seven-series with the OKC Thunder. James Harden, who World Peace elbowed badly, won NBA's sixth man of the year and this is his first game since. This is a big game for him and World Peace. For him, to prove his worth and for World Peace to overcome the crowd.

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