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This week was a big week for music. B.o.B. and Carrie Underwood both have new albums out, Underwood's doing far better than B.o.B's. As usual, the former Bobby Ray's album is a light rap. It's fun, it a feel good album. His debut album, B.o.B. Presents: The Adventures of Bobby Ray, was far better in comparison. This album, called So Good, features collaborations with Taylor Swift, Chris Brown and Lil Wayne, to name a few. This T.I. protege still has a little trouble fitting into the rap world. He doesn't have the "speed" that most rappers are known for, his beats are average. B.o.B. can best be described as an R&B, Rap crossover. Once he finds his niche, though, he will be unstoppable. He has the potential, just not the experience.

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Underwood's album is a mix. It has happy songs, it has slower, deeper songs. She shows a lot of versatility. This American Idol winner has truly become one of country music's leading women. She sings (and performs) with a lot more confidence than she did when her debut album came out. Her voice has a large range for a country singer, and she hits a lot of the notes with ease. Underwood is truly one of the last honest, non-autotune singers left. Country fans will be pleased to know that Underwood is back and holding nothing back in her newest release, Blown Away. The track compiles of 14 songs, 8 of which she co-wrote.

Recommendation? So Good: 3 stars
                                                                      Blown Away: 4 stars

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