No More American Idol?

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In recent reports and stories, Jennifer Lopez is thinking about quitting American Idol. She has been talking with her rep, who confirmed the rumors. She wants to take some time off to spend time with her growing children, focus on her own music career and possible start a new family. These rumors started to circulate after Jennifer was in talks of a pay raise. On her first season of Idol, she made $12 million. This season, it's gone up to $20 million. If a raise isn't her future, she may not be in American Idol's future.

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Recently, Simon Cowell announced that the two new judges on the X Factor will be Brittney Spears and Demi Lovato. Spears is reportedly getting paid $15 million for her first year, while Lovato is receiving a much smaller sum, of a round one million dollars.

Some critics say that J.Lo is angry with American Idol for not paying her as much as Spears is receiving on her first season and that's why she wants to leave. Others say that she wants to marry her 27 year-old boyfriend, Casper Smart. Some others still say that she wants to focus on her own talent show with Marc Anthony, which will debut later this year. One thing is for sure, if Lopez doesn't see a raise in her already huge paycheck, she may be leaving.

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