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Taylor Swift fans, rejoice. her much anticipated album, Red, is here. Released in the end of October, this album is set to break records. In the first week alone, it sold 1.2 million copies, going platinum and becoming only the third artist to do so in a week. Eminem is number one with 1.52 million and Brittney Spears follows suit with about 1.3 million.

--> Red is unlike Swift has ever done before. Her first album, Taylor Swift was very country, showing her roots. Progressively, each album after that has explored a different genre. Album number four is a mix of many things. Compiled of sixteen tracks, Red could be her most experimental album, ever.

It has a little bit of dub step, featured in the third single, I Knew You Were Trouble. Her smash single, We are Never Ever Getting Back Together is also featured on the album, which is a more pop sound. But her die-hard country fans should be pleased to know that Swift hasn't completely forgotten about her Nashville roots. Begin Again, the second single from the album touches her country side with the guitar chords and deep vocals.

--> Red proves that Swift has vocal versatility and that she can reach all across the board. There's something on the album for music lovers of almost every genre. Every track is unpredictable and unique. It leaves fans wondering what direction Swift is trying to go, but at the same time, it's exciting to see what new inventive sounds she can do.
Rate:  4.5 stars

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