If the world thought Rihanna was fading from the music business, they were wrong. She recently announced that her next studio album, Unapologetic will be release on November 19th. 2012 was a big year for the pop star, with a debut role in the film Battleship as well as awards from various places.

Unapologetic will be her fifth studio album. Little has been said about what genre Rihanna will be catering towards, leaving her "RihannaNavy" to be left pondering. Chris Brown, infamous for assaulting the singer in 2009, is confirmed to be on the album along with Eminem. Previously, Rihanna and Eminem have had a lot of success together, creating the chart topper Love the Way You Lie.

Image credit to ryanseacrest.com

The only confirmed thing on the record is the track list, which can be found on her website. One thing is for sure, number five will sure to be a hit.

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