Who's better than JB?

Image credit to youtube.com
It's been two years since Justin Bieber first took YouTube by storm, with the release of Baby, which managed to receive a little over eight million views. The time has come for his record to be broken, by none other than Korean rapper PSY.

--> The Korean sensation became a breakout hit all across the world after releasing his catchy dance tune, Gangnam Style. It racked up 809 million views, compared to Bieber's previous landmark of 803 million. The famous video features PSY, with slicked back hair and sunglasses, dressed in suits all across different locations. He dances, as if on an invisible horse, in a playground, at the beach and even on a boat, to name a few places.

YouTube has stated that Gangnam Tyle has unprecedented growth rate in terms of popularity and parodies. If all the parody views were combined with the various covers and his own original, the song would have over 2.2 billion views. These high view numbers translate into sales as well. His album is the number on Billboard UK and has remained an iTunes Top 10 worldwide ever since its release.

Is PSY's video really the best video in the world? Can anyone surpass the massive popularity he has? On;y time will tell what this comedic singer will do next and how to top his success.

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